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Samantha Farrell – “Shoulda Known Better”

Here’s a video of the lovely and talented Samantha Farrell performing ”Shoulda Known Better,” the second track from her sophomore album, Luminous.  The soulful performance was shot on the streets of Brookline, Massachusetts by Character Nine’s own Christopher DeSanty.  In spite of the cars, busses, and leaf blowers conspiring to drown her out, Sam’s voice–as always–floats effortlessly above.


Coldplay Are Wankers

This is Steve Wilson, the vocalist, lead guitarist, and mastermind behind Porcupine Tree, one of our band’s favorites.  An account of the photo above said that a fan threw the piece of paper on stage and Wilson held it up to the crowd — an endorsement of sorts.

When I think of these two bands, Porcupine Tree and Coldplay, I think of Ayn Rand’s characters Howard Roark and Peter Keating from The Fountainhead.  Roark is a brilliant, forward-thinking architect who is unsuccessful due to his immutable creative integrity.  His close circle of friends and clients consists of characters who admire and respect his genius.  In spite of being a lesser architect, Peter Keating, (Roark’s classmate and contemporary) is extremely successful in his field because he operates by pandering to the demands of others, and appealing to a safe and traditional artistic sensibility.

Like Howard Roark, Porcupine Tree earned a small but passionate fanbase of listeners throughout their pursuit of personal artistic ideals.  Their music is beautiful, complex, rich, and versatile, but not everyone’s cup of tea.  Coldplay, their UK contemporaries, in step with with Peter Keating, have pursued a more accessible sound and become a household name.  Critically, however, they are a punchline. Even their most recent and most mature effort, Viva La Vida (an album I thoroughly enjoyed) received mixed reviews, and was under scrutiny for plagiarism.

Also, the word “wankers” is hilarious.