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We’re Going to Boston!

Hey Team,

For the first time ever, Character Nine is playing Boston, MA.  We were lucky enough to sync up with our friends Chris Cubeta & The Liars Club and share the bill at Church of Boston, an awesome looking venue near Fenway Park.

If you live in the area, or just feel like going on tour with ‘Nine, we would love to see you at the show. Check out our Facebook invite to learn more about the details and RSVP.

The Essentials:

Character Nine
Saturday, June 26th | 9pm to 11pm
Church of Boston | 69 Kilmarnock St. (Fenway Area)

New Logo

If you’ve been following us on Facebook, you may have noticed our latest profile pic taken from Muir’s iPhone.

I took the muir’s snapshot into Photoshop, flipped it so it actually looks like a C and a 9 and started going to town on it. What do you think?

If there are any designers out there who want to take a crack at it, here’s the Photoshop file I’ve been working with.   You can also just start with the full-res source photo like I did.  If you send us something we’ll post your work, give you the proper credit, and take you out for a night of adult beverages.