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Cloud Nine

Going in to last night we knew it would be an amazing time, but we never expected it to unfold the way it did…

On top of sharing the stage with one of our strongest musical influences, John Hogg, the drummer from one of our all-time favorite bands (Jerry Gaskill of King’s X) was in the audience. It sounds like I’m speaking in hyperbole, but I’m not. Hanging out with these guys after the show, talking about music, art, inspiration, and anything else was a dream come true. We were legitimately starstruck.

Our set felt great. We debuted a new song, “By Myself” and brought some older material back to life. We represented ourselves well and warmed up the stage for John Hogg’s latest band, Cassini, who absolutely crushed it. They are the real thing. I can’t wait to hear their work in the studio.

We owe a huge thank you to everyone who came out. Wednesday night be damned, you were a GREAT crowd: attentive, responsive, and loud as hell. Thank you for being a part of such an amazing evening for the band.

Character Nine + Cassini: 02.24.10

On Wednesday, February 24th we have the honor of sharing the stage with one of our band’s major musical influences – John Hogg, formerly of the band Moke.

At an acoustic show a few months back we covered one of Hogg’s songs “Rockstar,” and posted the video online. In December we went to see him play in New York and struck up a conversation after the set. Sure enough, he had seen our video of his song and remembered “Character Nine” by name. The exchange was surreal and humbling. At the end of the night, he suggested that we play a show together when he was back in town, and here we are.

Character Nine & Cassini - Live @ Arlene's Grocery 2/24/10

Please take a second to mark this one down in your calendars. We’ll be taking the stage at 9PM to warm it up for John’s band Cassini at 10. If you’ve ever trusted a musical recommendation from Character Nine, you are going to want to come to this show and see them do their thing.

In the meantime, you can watch him on youtube. Here’s one of our personal favorites Down performed with Moke.

Hope to see you there!

C9 + Cassini
February 24th, 2010 at 9PM
Arlene’s Grocery – 95 Stanton St. (link/map)
21+ / $8 Cover