New Earl Greyhound Album – Suspicious Package

w00t!  I just got an awesome email…

We are pleased to announce that our new record, “Suspicious Package” is available for pre-order on our website . And even better, when you pre-order the CD, you can download the album immediately. You’ll still have to wait for the full color poster insert that comes with the CD, but at least you’ll have some new music to listen to during the wait!

Done and done.

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    BTW, this is great. A little bit more “out there” than their last album, Soft Targets, which by comparison feels like a collection of rocked out singles. Suspicious Package is definitely more cohesive as an album, bringing higher highs and lower lows. I’ve only taken a few passes at it so far, but it’s easy to tell that this is a deep album with a lot to come back and listen for.

    If you’re looking for an introduction to the band, I’d recommend their last album, “Soft Targets” as a starting point. But after that, by all means, swim to the deep-end and check out Suspicious Package.

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